There are millions of stars and planets in the universe. They all look similar from far away, but when viewed with a telescope, we see that they are all individually different from one another. is (or aims to be) a telescope to the World Wide Web. The idea behind our website is to focus on one website at a time. Each week, we will provide a review of a website. We’ll provide detailed information about the website, such as:

  • What the website is about;
  • How ‘cool’ the website is;
  • Whether the website provides enough information or whether something is lacking;
  • How easy is it to navigate around the website; etc.
Sample Scorecard
Sample Scorecard

We’ll also provide you with a scorecard for each website such as the one shown here. The scorecard will give you a quick idea about how easy it is to use the website, how useful the content is, and how easy it is to navigate around the website.
Sample scorecard

Use the Sites menu at the left to browse through reviews on We plan to focus on websites across a wide range of topics—whether it is information about general topics (such as books, kids, or food), or IT related topics (such as programming, or software). Also, as is of Indian origin, there is a separate section for websites that are relevant to all of us Indians.

As our website is still new, we don’t have too many reviews just now. But we plan to review thousands of websites. So do check our website every week.

And yes, do give us feedback on how you liked our website, or if you have any suggestions of changes to the website, or topics you’d like to see.

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