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TechTutorials contains links to over 5000 tutorials on various IT and computing topics. The goal of the website is to help you learn about various technologies and find solutions to any problems you face while using your computer. The site also contains discussion forums, a free job search, free tech magazine subscriptions, white papers, and other technical reference materials.

Registration is optional and free. However, if you register and open a free account, you can create a collection of your favorite tutorials, rate tutorials, and access other special features, such as being allowed to comment or provide feedback on the articles. Registered users can also add links to their own tutorials (though there are some requirements to be fulfilled). Thus, if you own a tutorial website, you can get backlinks to your website by posting tutorials here.You can also join their mailing list to get an e-mail whenever a new tutorial is put up on the site.

If you are looking for tutorials on IT and computing topics, this site does indeed provide access to many of them (5000+) at one go. The Tutorials have been neatly categorized, which makes it quite easy to get to tutorials on a particular area of interest.

Reviewed on 14-Feb-2013

Registration: Optional
Cost: Free

What I liked about the site:

  • There are links to the latest tuorials right on the home page itself.
  • Tutorials on many topics such as Computing Basics, Databases, Applications, Computer Hardware, Networking, Programming and many more topics. There are more than 300 categories.

What I didn’t like about the site:

  • When you point to a link it displays a “” link in the status line. However, when you click on some links, the page that opens is of some other site. I did not like this subterfuge. It would have been better if the actual location of the link was displayed in the status line.
  • The Terms and Privacy Policy of the site seem to have been hastily put together from some boilerplate text. They don’t even contain the name of the company or website, but instead contain terms such as “[Company Name]”, which makes one feel a bit suspicious about the actual purpose behind the website. (I may access the tutorials on the website, but, after seeing their Terms and Conditions page, I don’t think I’d register with them.)

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